Lord youre in the business of healing all broken brains

i love how your protective hands prevent mine going insane

i love how breakthroughs come in our lives arriving unexpectedly

i dont want power if it leads to corrupted souls

i wear a beaming smile cos mine snapped its own mould ❤ :)



save the world around us before it all burns down

your beauty is revealed in the fragility of tiny snowflakes

switch the loyalties of hells slaves over to your side

you were always Elohim Jesus in you peace forever abides

sanctify the souls of all stuck in the mud of lies ❤



in close proximity with only ropes and balls betwixt

us im driven to soar above the wind by passions embrace

love motivates us to tackle all we fear to face

i pray our bonds never sabotaged by jealousy or dishonesty

staying in Yah’s will ensues our souls never stop smiling ❤



youd be worth getting beaten black and blue for love

suitable partners are defense lawyers and only judges upon request

i pray whips didnt try to teach you lessons tonight

your courage can’t be torn off you in bleeding strips

when it seems like noone gives a rip Yahweh cares darling ❤



if only my lack of memory could never hurt you

i wish i only knew how to heal hearts harm

instead of being the cause of tears and disappointed faces

there’ll come a day none of us’ll have reason to fear

only in the wise sense of being in awe of

our maker for whose house zeal consumes my little heart ❤