Daniel Wiseman

eliminate all tendencies in me to stray from her arms

frustrate the plans of the enemy to pull us apart

let her know youre her sword and shield infinite guide

cause genius to burst out her like springs in deserts

i’d rip his throat if itd achieve liberty alas it won’t ❤



the first chat was always the easiest for our lips

though our hearts were nervous like crew on sinking ships

i wanted to freeze time keeping feet planted on steps

why did they want to wreck a plane still to be lifted

it was in their interest to bury secrets ❤



lips moistened by waterfalls massage erupt suddenly with irrepressible giggles

a brook opposed only by those made sour by hurt

tis a pity ancient foes throw glass in their eyes

twisting their view whenever proffered hands seek to dissolve conflict

they think earth spins only cos their revolver stays cocked ❤



youre with me in my wanderings catching these enthralling movements

childlike wonderment and rapturous happiness propel my soul forward

theres humility to lowering herself staring fascinated at their skill

as if stars struck a blow dizzying her spinning skull

shes impossible to stop watching a multifaceted warbling warden of brooding moods ❤