Daniel Wiseman

youd be worth getting beaten black and blue for love

suitable partners are defense lawyers and only judges upon request

i pray whips didnt try to teach you lessons tonight

your courage can’t be torn off you in bleeding strips

when it seems like noone gives a rip Yahweh cares darling ❤



if only my lack of memory could never hurt you

i wish i only knew how to heal hearts harm

instead of being the cause of tears and disappointed faces

there’ll come a day none of us’ll have reason to fear

only in the wise sense of being in awe of

our maker for whose house zeal consumes my little heart ❤



is it worse to lack sight of loved ones while

departing from this world against your own will or viewing

one you expected to fulfill your every wish discovering her

gumption when disgusted at your greediness letting herd protectors starve

carving them with your eyes instead of serving roasted lamb

fury can kill our lives the leaf we take from you is one inspiring terror and caution careful not to ever tread in your foolish steps ❤



when his foots pressed against your neck you fear departure

you saw his sweet side and potential to become killer

shes a brainiac who gets lethal if you refuse her

Yah can get you visiting places in eyeblinks through prayer

Hes healing for a slipped disc and dismissed mental capacity ❤